Nevada Sales Agency: Site Amenities and Site Furnishings

Creating usable outdoor spaces in the desert is our goal. At Nevada Sales Agency, we have a full line of manufacturer partners whose solutions help provide beautiful and usable outdoor spaces in Southern Nevada.

Site amenities and site furnishings include benches, trash cans, tables and seating areas, bicycle racks, recreational and entertainment units, plants, and more. Our list of manufacturers can help you get your new outdoor space set up with some site amenities and site furnishings.

By integrating site amenities and outdoor recreation equipment into our outdoor spaces, we can live, learn, work, care, play, and travel more successfully. Below are the manufacturers we have and currently represent to bring these outdoor spaces together.

Landscape Forms

We partner with Landscape Forms because they are passionate about creating great outdoor spaces. Our past projects with them bring people to the outdoors, whether that means taking a bike ride to work or class or sitting in the park to take in nature.


Bega’s Urban furniture offers an innovative luminaire concept to structure and divides surfaces and squares in private and public spaces with shielded light. BEGA light design elements are like luminous sculptures, ideal for sophisticated arrangements of open spaces, along pathways and on roof terraces.


Site Amenities by HessAmerica integrate neutral styling with functional designs to harmonize with a variety of architecture.

We Represent Site Amenities and Site Furniture Manufacturers

Since 1980, Nevada Sales Agency has made it a priority to make long-lasting relationships with Manufacturers, Designers, Contractors, and more. Working with our partners has allowed them to turn regular outdoor spaces into beautiful environments enjoyed by the people of Southern Nevada. To get started on a project, contact us today at (702) 270-4181.