Since 1980, Nevada Sales Agency has helped the Las Vegas community in finding controls, site amenities, and lighting solutions. In doing so, we have built relationships with business partners that include architects, designers, manufacturers, and more. Our staff is committed to connecting people to develop and design beautiful, well-lit spaces.

Your Source for Lighting and Site Amenities Needs

What exactly does Nevada Sales Agency do?

Through the relationships we’ve built with lighting and site amenities manufacturers, along with architects and developers turning on green lights for new projects, we connect the two for a space to look its best.

We’re here to solve our partners’ design and building needs, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting solutions
  • Lighting controls
  • Roadway lighting and infrastructure
  • Outdoor landscape amenities and furnishings

Lighting solutions

When it comes to representing lighting manufacturers, we like to say it’s our specialty. We have an extensive line card of manufacturers who are ready to be put on your lighting project, big or small. Our partnered projects in architectural lighting design include homes, government buildings, casinos and hotels, commercial businesses, and more.

Lighting controls

A business operates at its best when its lights turn on and off at the right time. Installing lighting is half the battle, and our partners understand that. Nevada Sales Agency provides only the smartest solutions to ensure your business isn’t wasting money on overused lighting while never leaving your employees in the dark.

Site furnishings and site amenities

Bringing an outdoor space together can be difficult in Las Vegas if you’re without the best resources. With a long list of superior manufacturers by our side, site furnishings and amenities solutions are easy to achieve. We’ve helped beautify outdoor spaces all throughout the Vegas community, including restaurants, commercial businesses, schools, and retail centers.


Providing high-quality lighting and infrastructure to your roadways is vital for safety and appearance. Nevada Sales Agency is in the business of building relationships with all people working on roadway projects so that exceptional construction takes place on future roadway projects. If it includes roadway lighting, structures, or other building plans, we have the resources for you.

Work with Us to Build a Better Nevada

Nevada Sales Agency works tirelessly to come up with the best lighting, space amenities, furnishings, and control solutions for your project. We have strong relationships with anyone and everyone in the building and design industries since 1980, and we can connect you to the resource you need. Reach out to us today, and let’s build a better Nevada.