WaveLinx your connected, scalable and smart digital lighting system. Composed of wired and wireless sensors, load controllers, keypads, luminaires and other control devices, Wavelinx addresses energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to value-added applications. Designers, electrical contractors and building owners/operators use the Wavelinx connected to lighting system to comply with latest energy codes, maximize energy savings and improve occupant experience. The system is used in all types of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications – from a single room, to a floor, to a whole building, warehouse or even an entire campus.


Trellix is an IoT platform with smart applications for commercial spaces that connect intelligent sensors integrated into the light fixture to provide operational efficiency, improve occupant experience and deliver actionable insights through the aggregation of valuable data. The Trellix hardware platform is UL2900-1 listed to the Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products. Trellix is ideal for Office, Healthcare, Education, Industrial and Outdoor applications.


Echoflex Solutions designs superior lighting control systems and environmental sensors. With advanced wired and wireless sensors, switches, and control products, Echoflex provides flexible, best-in-class solutions for building control and energy management. Echoflex’s advanced systems are reliable, proven, and environmentally friendly, meeting the most stringent of energy codes while being simple to deploy, scalable, and virtually maintenance free. We offer the flexibility to provide a wired, wireless, or hybrid system for your project. Whether networked, centralized, distributed, or all of the above, Echoflex can deliver seamless integration with Building Management Systems for comprehensive facility control. Echoflex Solutions offers proven systems that make intelligent control possible in any space.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Transform your environment with Smart, Scalable and Flexible Lighting Controls. ILC‘s innovative products such as the LightLEEDer Lighting Control Panel, LightLeeder-EVO Lighting Control Panel and LightSync Digital G3 Switch lead the industry in distributed lighting control solutions. Digital, scalable, flexible and energy-efficient lighting control systems, combined with exceptional service and support, is what you can expect from Intelligent Lighting Controls.


Traxon, transforming your creative vision into unforgettable lighting experiences. Sculpt with light to dramatize architectural spaces and elevate interior design. Create a visual dialog with performers to convey fine nuances of emotion. Shape mood and ambiance, perfectly balancing practical and aesthetic concerns. Our dynamic and architectural solutions provide the tools to ignite your creativity and expand your lighting vocabulary.



Born in London’s theatreland district in 1914, Strand was famous for its lighting by the 1920s, pioneered controls in the 1930s, grew internationally in the 1940s and moved into television lighting in the 1950s. By the 1970s Strand was making big technological leaps – shifting into automation and rewriting the rules for consoles, while the 1980s saw major advances in dimming and controls. The revolution in computing in 1990s saw a time of rapid technological growth. Strand created its first digital consoles and software based control systems – direct descendants of those that control today’s highly-evolved, energy-efficient LED luminaires. Proud of our past but driven by today, we continue to develop high-quality products that help you to meet the demands of modern theatre, film and TV, as well as themed environments and architecture.

Cimcon Lighting

Innovation Starts Here. Cimcon is shaping the future of smart cities by providing solutions that transform street lights into data hubs, sensors, smart poles, hotspots and much more. With twenty-five plus years of innovation and experience in industrial automation and outdoor wireless applications guide they created their industry leading Intelligent Street Light Controllers and the NearSkyTM Smart City Platform. They understand the challenges that city leaders face and are here to assist from project design through implementation and deliver managed services to provide the peace of mind that cities need to know that they are investing wisely in their smart city.

We Represent Control Systems Manufacturers

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