WaveLinx your connected, scalable and smart digital lighting system. Composed of wired and wireless sensors, load controllers, keypads, luminaires and other control devices, Wavelinx addresses energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to value-added applications. Designers, electrical contractors and building owners/operators use the Wavelinx connected to lighting system to comply with latest energy codes, maximize energy savings and improve occupant experience. The system is used in all types of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications – from a single room, to a floor, to a whole building, warehouse or even an entire campus.

WaveLinx Lite

WaveLinx Lite Building upon known motion sensor solutions, the WaveLinx Lite solution eliminates all the hassles associated with a complex lighting controls solution making the commissioning process intuitive and flexible, giving more power to installers/owners.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Transform your environment with Smart, Scalable and Flexible Lighting Controls. ILC‘s innovative products such as the LightLEEDer Lighting Control Panel, LightLeeder-EVO Lighting Control Panel and LightSync Digital G3 Switch lead the industry in distributed lighting control solutions. Digital, scalable, flexible and energy-efficient lighting control systems, combined with exceptional service and support, is what you can expect from Intelligent Lighting Controls.


Traxon, transforming your creative vision into unforgettable lighting experiences. Sculpt with light to dramatize architectural spaces and elevate interior design. Create a visual dialog with performers to convey fine nuances of emotion. Shape mood and ambiance, perfectly balancing practical and aesthetic concerns. Our dynamic and architectural solutions provide the tools to ignite your creativity and expand your lighting vocabulary.

We Represent Control Systems Manufacturers

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